Where artisanal artistry and beachwear fashion meet.

Our hats are a product of Venezuelan indigenous craftsmanship.


Onolulü is truly committed to supporting Venezuela’s cultural value while promoting innovative, cutting-edge designs internationally.


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Sun Visors
Straw Hat
Nude Hat

the craft

Each of our hats has a unique provenance with deep cultural associations.

The Onolulü hat incorporates centuries-old traditions and outstanding artistry of the Venezuelan indigenous population known as the Waraos, the oldest human group in Venezuela.


No machines are involved in the creation of these pieces— all of our products are 100% handmade. We work closely with the artisans to incorporate traditional yet modern designs resulting in beautiful, expertly crafted and unique hats and accessories.


From high school friends to business partners.

Onolulü was co-created by two hardworking friends, Diana Graterol and Maria Carola Arcay. Their vision was to draw attention to Venezuelan artisanship, as they found a gap in the market for hand-made luxury accessories produced in Venezuela.


The result of their endeavor is a range of beautiful beach hats and accessories perfect to wear under the sun.

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